Chasing Flames

Square Mile book 3

"I cannot put this book down."

Book 3 in the Amazon #1 international bestselling Square Mile series.

A luxury retail empire with a dirty secret.

A hot security guy with a murky past.

Can Eliza keep her hands clean when she falls for them both?

When Jay and Eliza finally find each other, they are thrown apart.

As Eliza finds her feet in a new world, lorded over by corrupt retail magnate Mariella Jackson, Jay throws himself into his own business, becoming rich beyond his dreams.

The star crossed lovers remain friends as they face the cruel reality they can’t be together. Then the dark and intoxicating Sam is thrust into Eliza’s life. But, by who? Fate, or Mariella?

When Eliza discovers secrets that could land her six feet under, she faces a life-changing decision: to give up on her soulmate and the world she’s come to love, or risk her life to save it all.