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Thorn Trilogy #2


She's his butterfly. He's her net.

The Isle of Crow is the darling of the Scottish islands

With rave reviews of its lush green hills and miracle drug,

It can do no wrong.

But I know the truth.


The Thorns are not who I thought they were

Their secret is dark, depraved and deadly.

But they know my secret too

So I can’t tell a damned soul


It will take more than few moments of weakness to forgive him

Even if his eyes reach into my soul and his touch sets me alight

The Thorns can try but they can’t keep me here forever

And I swear the second I’m free I will tell the world

Until someone appears on my doorstep bearing an even graver truth.


Before it crumbled around me, Rupert Thorn set my world on fire

Now I have the chance to burn his to the ground.

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