I was a child prodigy.

Graduated two years early. Founded my media company at sixteen. Billionaire at twenty-five.

No-one could stop me. Not even my arch-enemy, who tried everything in his power to bring me down. I was heading for global domination.

Until I met her.

I was mesmerised. I was obsessed. I needed her like I needed the earth beneath my feet. As my life and business fell apart, piece by piece, she held me and made me forget it all. And then she was gone.

I was a child prodigy.

I knew the answer to every question.

Except one.

Who is Jade Bardot?



I had no idea who Quinn Sullivan was. That should have made it easier.

I was supposed to ruin him.

My aim was to uncover his secrets, unveil his weaknesses, unearth his flaws.

My task was to rip his world apart.

My weapon was seduction.

They all see beauty, but the beast is in my heart.

I was supposed to ruin him.

But what I did was so much worse.

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A fake persona, a blossoming career and a CEO she hates and desires in equal measure. What could go wrong?


Lottie Matheson has everything going for her: wealth and privilege, single-minded ambition and a brand new graduate job in the thick of London’s thrilling start-up scene.

But Lottie Matheson isn’t who she seems. Hiding behind a false identity to distance herself from a troubled background, Lottie becomes embroiled in an affair with her brilliant and charismatic but famously attached CEO Marcus Armstrong.

But, as their relationship intensifies, their colleagues become suspicious and, before long, the secrets are out. All of them.

With everything broken - her heart, her reputation, her spirit - will Lottie ever find the strength to start again?


He had everything. Until he had nothing. Then he turned.


Jessica Childs has just been promoted to the job of her dreams. Jessica Childs should be the happiest woman in the square mile. But Jessica Childs has the boss from hell.


Zac Morecambe-Cheney is the CEO of Skilld, famed for being an old-moneyed, sexy bachelor with charismatic charm, devastating looks and self-made millions. But that was then. That was before his heart and ego were smashed to bits. That was before he turned bad.


While Jessica fights to keep the once-promising business from going under, she can’t help but fall heavily for the man who is trying to sabotage it all. Until he does the unthinkable.


Faced with the reality of losing the true love of his life, Zac has to change his ways. But is it too late?

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A love that can’t happen, because it could kill.

When Jay and Eliza finally find each other, they are thrown apart. 

As Eliza finds her feet in a new world, lorded over by corrupt retail magnate Mariella Jackson, Jay throws himself into his own business, becoming rich beyond his dreams. The star crossed lovers remain friends as they face the cruel reality they can’t be together.

Then the dark and intoxicating Sam is thrust into Eliza’s life. But by who? Fate, or Mariella?

When Eliza discovers secrets that could land her six feet under, she faces a life-changing decision: to give up on her soulmate and the world she’s come to love, or risk her life to save it all.

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Available to buy now
available to buy now
Available to buy now

“Hands down one of the best books I have read in a long time.” 

Sophia, 5 stars, Goodreads


“Made my skin burn from all the feelings I had for it. 

Marsha, 5 stars, Goodreads


“When you think of an office romance, you think you’ve read them all. January James blew that assumption to smithereens.” 

Erika, 5 stars, Goodreads


“Absolutely devoured! What an incredible book. This was one of those books that I couldn’t put down but tried to make it last as long as possible so it didn’t end.” 

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The Hybrid Reads, 5 stars


“I couldn't get enough. I loved this book so much I have started to re-read…”

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Mariah, 5 stars, Goodreads


“This is an incredible debut novel.”

Kerrie, 5 stars, Goodreads


“[Marcus] is definitely a book boyfriend that every woman should have the joy of discovering!”

Little Pleasures Book Review, 5 stars


“After a few pages in I knew I was going to be hooked. This story was written so beautifully.”

Julie, 5 stars, Goodreads


“Totally unprepared for how fantastic this book turned out to be.”

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“This book was so much more than I expected.”

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“This is a book that begs to be read from the moment you open it.”

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“Wow, what a fab book!!”

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“There is a lot more going on than just a romance. There is self-discovery, true friendship, work/life balance, love and betrayal and it is all woven together perfectly in this book.”

Shannon, 5 stars, Goodreads


“Beautifully written! It kept me on the edge of my seat and I've lost hours of sleep just thinking it over and over.” 

Hayley, 5 stars, Goodreads


“Ms. James is surely a rising star in modern romance. This author's world building is exceptional.”

Sarah, 5 stars, Goodreads


“O...M...G! I couldn't put this book down. With the characters in the story, it goes to show that you can chase your dreams, as long as you don't give up on yourself, and just be you.”

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“Wow, I think this has to be one of the best books I have read lately.”

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“This book had everything. Corporate intrigue, the struggle to start over new , back biters and fake friends. I started this book yesterday afternoon and couldn't put it down.”

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“This book is a heart breaker.”

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“That was a total what the hell did he just do, and I might have dropped my Kindle.”

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“Loved, loved, loved this book! I feel like I went through so many emotions reading this book, from hot to sad to my jaw literally hitting the floor.”

Romance Book Club, 5 stars


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“OMG I was sooo looking forward to this one, because I feel in love with Zac, he was just so perfect, so considerate and so dreamy…….But DAMN if f**ked up Zac wasn’t amazing to watch.” 

A Hybrid Reads, 5 stars, Goodreads