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Jagged Thorns FRONT FINAL.jpg

Thorn Trilogy #1

She's his butterfly. He's her flame.

The Isle of Crow is elusive, exclusive and untouchable.

Only the richly beautiful, and the beautifully rich are allowed in.

But, a century has passed, and they want to open their doors,

and I’m the new tour guide.


I’m to work for the latest generation of Thorn billionaires

on the stormiest island in the British Isles.

Home to the cruellest hearts that ever lived

and the most thunderous eyes I’ve ever seen.

He says he never wanted me there,

but when his hands catch my hips,

his dark stare tells a different story.


The Thorns are enigmatic, cunning and dangerous,

And keeping one of the world’s deepest, dirtiest secrets.

I can’t unsee it. I can’t unlearn it. And I can’t forget it.

Because I’ve just fallen for the brightest, most beautiful Thorn of them all

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