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"I cannot put this book down."

One femme fatale. One final mission. One small problem: She's fallen for the target.

I was a child prodigy.
Graduated two years early.
Billionaire at twenty-five.
No-one could stop me. Not even my arch-enemy, who tried everything in his power to bring me down. I was heading for global domination. Until I met her.
I was mesmerised. I was obsessed. I needed her like I needed the earth beneath my feet. As my life and business fell apart, piece by piece, she held me and made me forget it all. And then she was gone.
I was a child prodigy.
I knew the answer to every question. Except one.
Who is Jade Bardot?

I had no idea who Quinn Sullivan was.
That should have made it easier.
I was supposed to ruin him.
My aim was to uncover his secrets, unveil his weaknesses, unearth his flaws.
My task was to rip his world apart.
My weapon was seduction.
I was supposed to ruin him.
But what I did was so much worse.

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