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The Imperfect Billionaires 2


"Hot, gut wrenching, beautiful, dreadfully painful, brilliant.


From the Amazon #1 international bestselling series

A once-celebrated CEO in rapid decline. A smart and sexy ad exec sent to save his business. Can their intense desire for each other survive the unthinkable?

I have just landed the job of my dreams.
I should be the happiest woman in the square mile.
But I’m not. Because I have the boss from hell.

Zac Morecambe-Cheney is my new CEO, famed for being an old-moneyed, sexy bachelor with charismatic charm, devastating looks and self-made millions.

But Zac Morecambe-Cheney is broken, and he’s intent on breaking everyone around him.
His armour is impenetrable, but somehow I crawl beneath it.
Then he breaks me too, but not before I see the cracks in his soul.

Many people have tried to put Zac together again.
Could I be the one to succeed?

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