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The Perfect Pretence ebook.jpg

The Imperfect Billionaires 2

Finalist: RNA Jackie Collins Romantic Thriller Award 2022

Previously published as Chasing Flames.

A luxury retail empire with a dirty secret.

A hot security guy with a murky past.

Can Eliza keep her hands clean when she falls for them both?

When I land a job as PR Director for Jackson’s, London’s brand new luxury department store, I can’t believe my luck.
But the deeper into the business I go, the dirtier the secrets I discover.
Mariella Jackson is not the retail angel I thought she was.
And the business I’m selling is a lie.
So, when the dark and intoxicating Sam Le Beux appears from nowhere, I have to wonder if it is fate that sent me the distraction, or Mariella.
We fall for each other hard and fast,
Or at least I think we do,
Until he disappears.

My heart aches but my head knows it’s for the best
Because Sam’s story is darker than I could ever have imagined.

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