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Starling Key book 3

My name’s Isaac D’Amico and I’m the banker behind Starling Key.

I’m also the proud owner of:
- An IQ of 159, one digit lower than Albert Einstein
- An esteemed career with the CIA
- And an MBA in romancing rich, married, unattainable women


In a nutshell, I have better things to do than provide the security detail for a nineteen-year-old pop star.


Unfortunately, the minute I see Aurelia Bird getting out that car looking every inch the multi-million dollar sign her parents treat her as, my head has other plans. In that split second I become an unofficial guardian, a father figure, a protector.


That’s ok, as long as it doesn’t interrupt my pursuit of rich, lonely, insatiable housewives
That’s ok, until, for some inexplicable reason, I don’t want to do that anymore
That’s ok, until her superstar ex comes back for a second chance
And that’s ok too, until she gives him one


I’m Isaac D’Amico, and I’m in love with someone fifteen years my junior. Someone I should be protecting.


But the closer we become, and the more about her I learn, the more obsessed I get. Until it’s crystal clear the person she really needs protecting from, is me.

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