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Starling Key book 4

Autumn Lockhart, best friend, dive master extraordinaire and secret love of my life, jilted at the altar.


Words I never thought I’d hear.


That was six months ago. Now, her ex is back, enjoying a honeymoon with Autumn’s ex-best friend and bridesmaid right here on Starling Key.


So, when Autumn asks me to be her fake boyfriend for two weeks, I don’t even need to think.


But it’s all for show: the staged kisses that go on a little too long, the accidental thigh grazes that inch a little higher each time, the romantic couples’ day trip on a boat that… breaks down.

Being trapped on a tourist boat with her ex not only sends Autumn flying into my arms, it forces him to reveal exactly who he is: a guy who’ll do whatever it takes to screw over Starling Key.


He thinks blackmail is a legit form of negotiation, but he’s never met me. And they don’t call me The Broker for nothing.


But negotiations have limits. After that, the only solution is war.

And if Autumn Lockhart’s life is on the line, the last thing I plan to do is lose.

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